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Retail research in Europe

As one of the first German market research institutes, IWD conducted smartphone-supported face to face surveys, developed their methods and technology over the past 15 years, gained experience with mobile solutions on the European market, and today embodies mobile research like no other company in the field. What is a megatrend of market research for many today it has been the daily business of IWD for more than 15 years.

The IWD Market Research Institute was founded in 1998 in Magdeburg, Germany, and has been a reliable partner in the business and brand industry for more than 20 years. Currently, the company employs 50 interdisciplinary project managers in 23 countries in Europe and the USA and has an international field staff of more than 15.000 trained interviewer, tester and mystery shopper. The company is a member of prestigious industry organizations such as ADM, BVM and Esomar and is active in a series of scientific and social work groups.

IWD is currently one of Europe’s fastest-growing market research agencies. In addition to the existing IWD national offices, the company also plans to open other locations in Northern and Southern Europe this year.

As a full-service Institute, the company offers an entire spectrum of services, from problem analysis, methodology and content design, field coordination through to the issuance of reports and presentation of results.

In the field of retail market research, IWD has top-class expertise, especially on the subject of catchment area measurement, distribution quality and GEO-marketing, and is therefore offering a comprehensive design and consulting portfolio.
Pioneers in mobile research