CX Feedback Stream
Largest Live data stream of
retail industry customer evaluations
Our feedback stream is the largest live data stream of customer evaluation for food retail industry. Thousands of customer surveys are conducted and analyzed through the PASKALL-Platform each month.
Sched & Chart
50 excellence questions + customized questions addable anytime More than 50 questions on topic of customer experience are the basic core and generate a market overview of the customer evaluations at any time. Our Sched & Chart system permits adding customized questions daily.

PASKALL is highly flexible. Due to the continuous customer surveys, the results can be merged and analyzed with overall data from PASKALL and are available within a very short time.
(Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics)
Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics – Data Science PASKALL is driven by artificial intelligence to significantly increase its performance and efficiency in various levels of data processing and analyses.

Guaranteed excellent data quality, precise speech and text analyses, fast data coding and dynamic determination of performance drivers – AI is the heart of PASKALL.
Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device. The PASKALL-Dashboard is always on, regardless where you need it. At your Desktop, your Tablet or your Smartphone. All data for your daily decisions are always available – live and continuously.

PASKALL – Video Switch on sound

Live data

PASKALL surveys food retail customers on a daily basis, analyzes the customer feedbacks and delivers these live data round the clock online on the PASKALL-Dashbord.


PASKALL extensively observes and analyzes the customer experience of more than 30 food retailers in Germany and analyzes the shopping behaviour, the willingness to switch and the loyalty level as well as the satisfaction with more than 40 relevant product and performance items.


No longer wait for customer satisfaction studies for weeks. PASKALL provides daily, consistent and action-oriented customer feedbacks for food retail industry.


PASKALL offers the possibility to add customized questions into running customer feedback processes at any time. The survey results and analyses are available only a few days later.


The intuitive PASKALL-Dashboard is available anytime and anywhere – on any device.


Artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms provide high data quality, context-based insights and dynamic analyses of performance drivers.


As simple as that: Request a Demo-Login and get a market overview within a few minutes, with hundreds of key figures, evaluations, index figures and market analysis.
„Why waiting of the results of lenghthly adhoc studies, when i can get high quality live data available at any time and any place.“