Distribution quality measurement

The systematic conduction of distribution controls and evaluation of area-based delivery quotas for non-addressed household advertising is one of IWD´s core competencies since many years

Distribution quotas for delivering unaddressed leaflets, customer papers or flyers between 0% and 30% are more frequent than you think. We often experience that advertising materials are not delivered into the letter boxes of the households, but rather into a nearby paper bank. Further, some distributors collect leaflets from different days in order to distribute them all together as a package a couple of days later.

Hence, it might happen that your promotion for a store opening on Saturday might not reach the target group in time, because the leaflets are distributed on Sunday together with bunch of other flyers. Especially in Eastern European markets, where up-to-date household statistics are rare, one tends to rely on address and household numbers from the distributing agencies. If you take a closer look, some streets or living complex turns out to exist only in the phantasy of the distributor, in order to push the flyer circulation.
Analyses & studies
Ø Cost cutting
Knowing your neighbourhood
Multistate quality management systems guarantee optimised distribution quotas

The procedure − which was developed by IWD − is based on crucial methodical elements:

Catchment area measurement
Price Acquisition