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International market research

Think global, act local – and vice versa

With the EU expansion to the East in 2002, IWD Market Research Institute began its international expansion. In 2003 until 2009, IWD country operations were set up in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia and Slovakia. In the past few years, a series of Eastern and Western European IWD offices were added. Today, the company is represented by project management teams in 22 countries across Europe and the United states. The expansion continues to be dynamic.

Moreover, in the past 20 years, IWD has developed an outstanding international network of collaborating institutes on all continents, with more than 1.000 partners. We are able to coordinate multinational market research studies from our headquarter, know and brief the partners and systematically improving project services and monitoring uniform quality guidelines. We deliver the results in the form of data sets or reports in any language of your choice.

Market research Austria

For years, IWD has been coordinating market research projects in collaboration with local service providers. In September 2012, it was decided to expand to Austria and to build an IWD project management team and a countrywide field organization. In October 2012, the management in Vienna was able to begin working. The first market research projects, in the regions of Salzburg, Graz and Vienna, began in 2012. Austria is exemplary when it comes to professional processes in the area of expansion and demonstrates how experienced IWD country operations are formed and how quickly highly professional market research services can be provided in new regions.

Market research Bulgaria

We started our own activities in Bulgaria in June 2008. For years before that, we had been implementing research projects in cooperation with local field institutions, but the time came to build up a field organization with our own project management. Today, we are represented in the country’s center with project management in Sofia and in the East, on the Black Sea coast, in Varna. In 2013, the IWD country operation has an extensive field organization with about 650 interviewers, testers and mystery shoppers.

Market research Croatia

IWD started the first customer surveys in Croatia in 2008, in the vacation region of Rijeka. So far, more than 200 POS projects have been carried out in Croatia. Our project management team, headed by Ines Ivancovic and Mia Krajina, is based near Split. An excellent team of managers, supervisors and interviewers has many years of experience with customer surveys in Croatia.

Market research Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the main target markets of the German business and brand industry in East Europe. Since 2004, IWD has been active in the Czech Republic with its own field organization. We implement more than 500.000 POS and household surveys between Karlovy Vary, Prague and Ostrava each year.

Market research Denmark

Denmark is one of the new country operations that started in January 2013. The effort of putting together a countrywide field organization is currently in process. Copenhagen was already prepared for country launch and began its business activities on the 7th January 2013. Denmark is the first country in the Scandinavian expansion. IWD is currently implementing a series of projects in the area of point of sale (POS) surveys and mappings in Copenhagen.

Market research Finland

In the beginning of 2015 IWD started the first customer surveys and catchment area analysis in Finland, one of Europe’s most northern regions. Besides Sweden and Denmark IWD could start its expansion in the third Scandinavian country as well. The Finnish project team is based in Helsinki. Together with Finland, IWD is now present in 22 European countries.

Market research France

Since 2015 we are also based in France.

Market research Germany

IWD was founded in 1998 in Germany and is still headquartered in Magdeburg today. Project management, sales, customer support and data analysis are controlled centrally in Germany. Along with expansion and systematic coordination of international activities, the home market of Germany, with its revenue share of 20%, still plays an important role. The extensive German field organization includes more than 1.000 interviewers, mystery shoppers and testers.

Market research Greece

The IWD started in 2014 with expanding its business activities further in Southern Europe by forming a project team in Greece. „The IWD will continue to constantly improve its competitiveness and performance through international expansion. Besides Italy and Croatia, Greece is an important expansion location for us“says IWD founder and managing director Marcus Körner. „The IWD provides a variety of tools for the retail sector with a high return on invest, which are of special interest with regard to cost reduction and revenue optimization.“ Specifically designed products for the optimization of marketing strategies and location analysis are implemented on the basis of personal customer surveys at the point of sale. You can book the IWD nationwide on the Greek mainland as well as on the islands.

Market research Hungary

In the summer of 2012, IWD started to build up its fieldwork team in Hungary with a three-person management team. The IWD office is based in the heart of Budapest, in the Citibank building. Along with current projects in the field of POS surveys, IWD actively began to map the biggest parts of Budapest’s city center and suburbs by conducting inspections which are afterwards analyzed and used in geographic information systems (GISs).

Market research Italy

In Italy, IWD started its West European expansion, it opened the Rome office in December 2011. By the beginning of 2012, the first big projects with more than 250.000 POS surveys were implemented in the Lazio region. Surveys in shops from Milan, Turin and Genoa regions came next. Today, a professional project management team in the Rome office and a highly trained supervisory crew, as well as an interviewer team of more than 300, are available.

Market research Lithuania

After three month of testing, IWD started officially in Lithuania at the beginning of 2017. One can see that the expansion in Europe still goes on. The double headed project management is seated in Vilnius. Now, the market research institute IWD has 22 European countries in their portfolio to offer companies own managed projects with full service.

Market research Netherlands

Since 2015 we are also based in the Netherlands.

Market research Poland

Poland is one of the fastest-growing economic areas in Eastern Europe. The German business and branding industry can feel it too, and actively benefits from its opportunities. For IWD, many years of engagement in Poland were reason enough to take it to a whole new level by founding a branch. In May 2010, IWD Polska sp.z o.o. was founded in Krakow. In the Polish office in Wielopole, Krakow’s historic centre, our project management team is working very successfully and controls POS surveys and distribution quality measurements every month in more than 20 cities at the same time.

Market research Portugal

Being focused on retail research, IWD pushes its expansion strategy forward. Since November 2014, the company offers its services POS customer surveys as well as mystery shopping in Portugal. With its new location in Lisbon, IWD expands its country portfolio in southern Europe. We do now also offer catchment area surveys, location research as well as mystery shopping for the Portuguese retail industry. The team is managed by Christiana Neves Moreira and Sofia Correira.

Market research Romania

IWD has been represented by its own project management team in Romania since 2008 and has one of the most extensive countrywide field organizations, with more than 800 interviewers. Our project manager, Anca Burescu and Geanina Floricica, has headed the IWD Engagement since 2009 and, with her team, offers top expertise in catchment area measurement, shop surveys and the measurement of distribution quality of direct household advertisement.

Market research Russia

IWD is represented in St. Petersburg and Moscow and coordinates face to face surveys in both urban areas. A series of experiences is needed here to be able to implement high-quality projects professionally. IWD is one of the few West European institutes with many years of expertise in the area of POS surveys in Russia.

Market research Slovakia

A three-person IWD management team, supervisors and a group of 350 interviewers, all headed by Julia Turekova, have been implementing market research projects in the field of POS surveys, mystery shopping and distribution quality measurement in the Slovak regions between Bratislava and Presov up to the Ukrainian border since 2009.

Market research Sweden

As early as 2003, IWD began competition analyses, price collection and mystery checks in Sweden, Norway and the Baltic countries. The field management in Sweden is thus part of the earliest expansion activities of IWD. Today, the country stands out in IWD order books for its strong dynamics, expansion of management and the imminent opening of the new IWD office in Stockholm in early 2013.

Market research Spain

Since autumn 2014, IWD offers its services on POS customer surveys as well as mystery shopping also in Spain. With the new location in Madrid, IWD follows its expansion strategy and enlarges its country portfolio in southern Europe. The research institute, which is currently present in 22 countries, offers tools for catchment area surveys, location research and mystery shopping from now on also for the Spanish retail industry. The local project team is managed by José Antonio Pino Muňoz and Júlia Tureková.

Market research Ukraine

The particularities of the Ukrainian market require close collaboration with local agencies and service providers in addition to our own on-site engagement. For four years now, IWD has been operating in the Kiev region for German retail businesses and it knows the significance, opportunities and challenges of the market. More than 300 market research projects in Ukraine make us one of the German experts on Ukrainian customer surveys.

Market research United Kingdom

With 2.5 mil POS surveys conducted so far by operating in 22 countries, IWD is currently taking a leading role in the area of smartphone-based customer surveys. The company’s board believed the opening of a London office was the logical strategy in order to further expand its market position and get to use the enormous potential of the British market.

On the one hand, the UK market offers attractive growth potential within the field of market research and, on the other hand, it gives the opportunity to intensify one’s activity with regards to national and international trade business. IWD market research Ltd, by creating new business and enhancing personnel expansion, will be able to coordinate and ensure a better customer service, more intense local sales and a more professional market strategy, together with a wider geographical structure. At present, our on-the-field organization includes 250 Face-to-Face interviewers that mostly cover metropolitan areas, but this is just not enough for us. We strongly believe there are still more areas to be covered. The reason for this is that a POS surveys specialist, such as IWD, requires a wider country coverage which does not only focuses on city centers, especially considering that both the German and the European retail industry are now calling for higher growth rates in the retail sector, a further internationalization and a strong systematization of business. In the words of Mr Markus Körner, managing director of IWD: „Availability of qualified staff and the right technology to be applied in both small and medium towns are highly relevant elements to our existing and target clients”. Our business in Great Britain as well as Germany, Italy and Austria is being strategically managed with the help of national sales activities.

Market research USA

The latest expansion country in our company history and the first expansion project outside Europe are the United States. After first tests at the end of January/ beginning of February 2018, we started the rollout at the east coast from Georgia up to New York in March 2018. With own fieldwork organizations we are currently implementing a series of projects in the area of point of sale (POS) surveys and constantly working on extending and expanding our teams from the East to the West Coast.