NPS analysis

Voice of the customer at the POS

The customer at the POS has a lot to say, he just has to be heard. We do not give answers, but listen. Using artificial intelligence, we completely process the feedback given by your customers as an audio file, and, in combination with the classic satisfaction or NPS question, implicitly identify the individual drivers of success.
The classic question of customer satisfaction and the NPS is a quick one. The interpretation is visibly simple: the higher the number, the better. However, the significance of these numbers is limited.

Much more important is the question "why?" Why is the customer satisfied or dissatisfied? Why would he recommend you, keep quiet about you or even speak negatively of you? In addition to other explicit questions, all causes can be implicitly identified with open audio feedback.

In an implicit survey through open feedback, there are always two questions:

How can they be captured with minimal loss of information?
With an audio recording and processing with AI, we guarantee that no word of the customer is lost.

Does the most frequently mentioned factor carry the strongest influence?
Based on the frequency, this question can only be answered inadequately. In this case, we create clarity with an individual driver analysis.
NPS and measurement of customer satisfaction by means of Artificial Intelligence

3 decisive benefits from NPS analysis:

We analyse:

We facilitate:

We deliver:

Customer journey analysis
Mystery shopping