Certification ISO 20252

IWD is certified to ISO 20252

The IWD was successfully certified to ISO 20252 on June 12, 2019 and bears the seal of approval for market, opinion and social research with the awarding of the certification certificate by the German Institute for Quality and Certification DIQZ.

"For us, the certification process was, on the one hand, a perfect opportunity to integrate many already-established quality assurance measures into a strategic quality management system. On the other hand, it was a chance to put a large number of process flows and documentation to the test. The professionalization of our QM significantly improves quality transparency for our customers" says Marcus Koerner, managing director of the IWD market research institute.

ISO 20252 is the international industry-specific quality standard for market-, opinion- and social research. The new standard sets specific requirements for quality management and project management, as well as for the entire research process, from data collection to data processing and analysis to reporting. Specific requirements for quality assurance measures in different phases of the research process as well as structured and transparent documentation are required.

How do our customers benefit from ISO certification?

The certification was carried out by Mr. Michael Brandmaier from the German Institute for Quality and Certification DIQZ. The certification was awarded on June 12, 2019.
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