Catchment area measurement

Catchment areas can be defined in the most exact way while minimising divergence loss at the same time by recording the customers origin as precisely as possible

To know from which streets or districts potential customers are from is an essential strategic element of the retail industry nowadays, especially for market development and expansion departments. Customer flows are highly influenced by geographical conditions like street courses, rivers, bridges and location of competitors, which results in store-individual catchment areas.

Hence, pure mathematical models for determining catchment areas are extremely vague and not suitable for strategic business decisions. IWD investigates the catchment areas of your stores reliably on the basis of personal customer surveys and determines valid turnover potentials on street level. The results will be provided in an optimised format in order to ensure an easy implementation in the client´s GIS-system or as GEO-visualisation.

Since 2005 the IWD is developing own tools for catchment area studies further and further and has a recognised expert status in this area today. If you have an international store network, IWD makes sure to apply the same process systematics across all countries. Well-known clients from different industry sectors from all over Europe rely on our expertise since many years.
where are my customers from
and how many?

Benefits from catchment area studies:

Precise catchment area studies –
Video Switch on sound
Optimised market development
through catchment area analysis

IWD catchment area analysis offer to you:

Distribution quality measurement