What makes IWD different

Our products are oriented mainly on the positive impact on our clients. We are the external „help-to-sell“ research agency and, with our tools, we aim at more efficiency, higher profitability and lower costs for our profit-oriented clients.
Our focus is on „power insights“ which enable us to leverage the research budget in order to achieve greater company effectiveness and efficiency. For us, market research is not an end in itself, but rather an investment in growth.
The customers´ surveys are seen, by most of our clients´ customers as a cooperative dialogue, where there is gain on both sides - the consumers get better service and the client obtains strategic optimization.
Ethics and sustainability are the focus of our trade, to the benefit of our clients, consumers and our business. Every contact with a surveyed person is a chance of keeping a good reputation in our industry.
The freedom of creative space and a work-life-balance for our employees are preconditions for joy and happiness on the job. We see ourselves as a sort of Art Life lab, where you can find inspiration and satisfaction.
Credibility and trust define our actions, our communication and our thinking. These basic elements describe the spirit of IWD, its employees and clients alike.
IWD Management-Team