POS customer survey

Smartphone based customer surveys at the point of sale

When investigating the attitude, motivation and needs, concerning the purchase of a product, the time between the actual act of purchase and the interview plays an important role. Often interviews are conducted weeks or months later. The customer has to remember his partly implicit behaviour and – which is even worse – he has to feel his emotional experiences again.

In contrast the IWD focusses on interviews directly after the act of purchase at the point of sale. For you we are on-site, where the purchase takes place, where purchase decisions are made – at the store. Our employees are standing in the check-out area of your stores, in the car dealer, in the fast food store, in the shopping mall, at the roadhouses, in the movie theatre and on festivals.

Can you inspire customers? Did your salespersons understand the customers’ needs? Are your products arranged in a way that the customers are motivated to buy them? Do you have a good range of services? How do the customers perceive the design of the salesrooms? We measure the satisfaction and customer loyalty on the basis of up-to-date methods and evaluate key factors to optimise customer commitment.
POS - Not outdated at all
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Increase revenue through
improved customer satisfaction

IWD measures at the POS the satisfaction of your customers with respect to:

Strong customer loyalty through better customer understanding

Customer satisfaction is evidently an indicator for a higher customer score and hence capital of your company. The customer score develops from factors such as frequency of shopping, amount of purchase, customer loyalty, recommendation willingness, rebuy and feedback willingness. Learn from your customers´ demands and integrate the customer feedback into your strategic business development.

The opinion of your customers gives you strategic knowledge on how to optimise performance characteristics, which need to be improved. Concentrate on the improvement of these factors, which are in the focus of the customer and increase his willingness to purchase.
On-site survey