New Employees

Andreea Weiszmann

Junior Project Manager International Since April 2016 is Andreea as junior project manager international at IWD. Her professional career started way more early in 2012. Previously her academic career was started in 2009 at the Martin-Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. Over three years she was studying sociology and psychology. She finished it successful and does internships at several market research companies afterwards. In the following year 2013 she started as an interviewee at IWD. But before she came to Magdeburg she became a Supervisor.

To get a good working-life balance she likes to read books, especially Thriller. But she also need the physical effort of swimming to calm down. Another way to relax is a bike tour for her or playing tennis.

Simon Meinecke

Assistent Financial Accountant Simon and Maria are together the very soul of IWD. Since he finished school in 2004, Simon went straight away to the University. At the Otto-von-Guericke-University he was studying cultural science from 2005 to 2008.

Subsequently after his academic career he started the professional one. Simon did an apprenticeship as office administrator in 2008. Once he finished it successfully he was employed. In March 2014 he started working for the field of administrative accounting at IWD.

Simon loves to listen to music for that reason he became a passionate collector of sound recording mediums. He is also a fan of American Football. If he wants to calm down after a hard day of work, he watches one of his favorite series.

Tobias Grauke

Junior Data Analyst Our junior data analyst Tobias has finished school in 2007. Afterwards he started his professional career with an apprenticeship as mercantile man in retail business. But he wanted more and decided to study. At the Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg he studied International Management in 2010. To conclude his academic training he did his master in Business Economics and finished it as Master of Science in 2016.

Subsequently Tobias worked as trainee at the IWD market research GmbH. Nowadays he takes place at the data analysis in our team.

Accordingly to a hard day of work, Tobias relaxes during a bike tour through the nature. Soccer is also a passion of him especially if he can watch it surrounded by his friends no matter who is playing.

Davina Zimonczyk

Country Manager West As a language-enthusiast Davina decided study in the field of economics and tourism management at the Hochschule Harz in 2007. After she attained her Bachelor’s degree she went to Flensburg for her Master’s degree in Management studies to broaden her position for prospective employers.

Subsequently she came back home to Magdeburg to start her career. At first she worked in the sector of marketing and afterwards in the field of sales and distribution until she became part of the IWD market research GmbH. Since July 2016 she is employed as Country Manager South in the field of international project management. Davina is responsible for organizing projects in the southern countries.

In her leisure time she loves playing piano and painting. As a change from the daily routine she also enjoys playing Badminton every once in a while.

Lisa Reinhardt

Working Student Germany/Austria/Switzerland She finishes school in 2013 and went afterwards for three month to Mallorca to work as a host. Lisa is studying social science at the Otto-von-Guericke-University since 2013. She studied in Magdeburg for six semester now. At the moment Lisa works as trainee in the field of project assistance for Germany, Austria und Swiss.

She loves to travel around the globe and relaxes with listening music. Otherwise she likes doing sport. The past eight years she does Jiu Jitsu, an Asian combat sport. Nowadays she is going to the gym.

Julia Ramdohr

Junior Project Manager Germany/Austria/Switzerland Julia loves Magdeburg, which was one reason for her to study in Magdeburg after she finished school in 2012. At the Otto-von-Guericke-University she finished her Bachelor of Science in the field of economics in 2015. What follows was an internship in the public service sector and the financial service sector. Julia made her first working experience in the field of customer care service at a well-known airline.

She is very companionable. For that reason Julia spends most of her time with family and friends. She also likes it to go to the cinema or to stroll around the inner city of Magdeburg. Another passion of her is travelling. Julia already went to parts of Asia, America and Europe.

Tobias Kramer

Working Student International Straight after finishing school Tobias went to the German armed forces and started a career as reserved officer. He decided later to start his academic career. At first he studied economics at the Otto-von-Guericke-University at Magdeburg. He went to Australia for a year after he did his Bachelor of Science. At the moment he is doing his Master of Science in Business Economics at Magdeburg, too.

Tobi is working a lot. He does several internships in the past and had some positions as working student. He worked for example in the field of event management, food service industry or in the financial sector of a company. Now he became a working student at the IWD market research GmbH.

He likes playing soccer and does some exercising in his leisure time, too. Tobias is companionable and for that reason he spends a lot of time with his friends.