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Customer Insights Speech-to-Text | POS Customer Survey | On-Site Survey | Customer Journey Analysis | NPS Analysis
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Customer Insights – IWD Tools

Develop customer centricity through more customer understanding. This allows you to achieve higher customer frequency, higher customer satisfaction and an increased re-purchase rate through more customer loyalty. Create customer experiences and recognize consumer trends ahead of the competition.

POS Customer Survey
On-Site Survey
Customer Journey Analysis
NPS Analysis
Shop Insights Mystery Shopping | E-Mystery Shopping | Pathways Analysis | Eye-Tracking
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Shop Insights – IWD Tools

The optimal shop design, effective product and offer placement, modern and functional furnishings, stimulating shelf placement, the right paths and motivated staff – all crucial elements for your shop’s success.

Mystery Shopping
E-Mystery Shopping
Pathways Analysis
Marketing Insights Catchment Area Study | Distribution Quality Measurement
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Marketing Insights – IWD Tools

The analysis of your catchment areas makes it possible to reduce the distribution of advertisements to an optimum level without divergence loss. Our advertising measurements analyze which instruments and messages motivate your customers to visit the shop. Put your budgets into action.

Catchment Area Study
Distribution Quality Measurement
Competitor Insights Price Acquisition |
Frequency Measurement
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Competitor Insights – IWD Tools

More and more companies are professionalizing the observation of their competitors. Through covert frequency measurements, price assessment, and analysis of the competition’s product lines, you receive valuable data in the fight for more customers. Recognize the developments in your competition earlier than ever before.

Price Acquisition
Frequency Measurement

The #1 Customer Experience Platform

Daily live data for
food retail industry

PASKALL provides in real-time a market overview of customer evaluations of discounters, super markets and full-line suppliers.
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Speech-to-Text at POS
Understand your customers' needs with AI-based technologies.

Immerse yourself into the world
of your customers at the POS

AI-based technologies now finally make it possible to analyse a large number of consumer stories at the POS. We identify your success drivers for more insights.

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ISO certificated Retail expertise and Innovation

ISO certified quality market research Our customers base their decisions on survey data that they can trust on. As an ISO certified market research institute, IWD offers the best methodologies, processes, and data quality, as well as maximum quality transparency. Learn more...
Europewide We are the only European market research institute that operates with interviewers and mystery shoppers nationwide in 25 European countries. In Germany and europe-wide, all surveys and assignments at your POS are conducted by interviewers from the IWD.
RetailExperts With its solutions and products, IWD is highly specialized in retailing and commerce. With 25 years of experience in retail market research, we have a high level of expertise in the areas of property and expansion, category management, retail marketing and customer experience.
No. 1 on site We are one of Europe's leading market research institutes with 3 million personal POS customer surveys and mystery shopping assignments, and the No. 1 in POS interviews on the sales floor. We combine on-site personnel with innovative technologies and unconventional solutions that meet the highest quality standards. We deliver data and insights you can count on.
InnovationDrivers In 2003, IWD was one of the first to develop smartphone-based POS customer surveys, and today has many years of technological and methodological expertise. Innovative tools such as bigdata software, possibilities of artificial intelligence and self-learning systems are continuously integrated into the methodological portfolio.

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Innovation that is encouraged

Our research and development focuses on innovative, technology-oriented process optimization and products. The current focus is on artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and platform development. The project "PASKALL – an AI-based market research tool" is currently being co-funded by the ESF.
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