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Mobile retail research

Mobile retail research

Mobile research – the current megatrend in the industry – has been on the IWD´s daily agenda for more than 15 years. For us, this means 15 years of technical and methodological advancement, and experience in more than 5.000 mobile research studies, with over 10 million people surveyed.

For our clients it means professionally organized smartphones that support surveys, counting, observations and mystery shopping assignments in currently 22 European countries and the USA.

Choose experience, flexibility and performance.

Analysing consumer behaviour –
Understanding customers

We combine advanced technology and international expertise in the areas of trade and brand. IWD stands for international face to face surveys using innovative mobile solutions on behalf of the retail and branding industry.

Using mostly our own employees in the European cities and with the help of our partners, going beyond the borders of Europe, we became leading specialists in POS (point of sale) market research. With offices in 23 countries and more than 1.000 partners on 5 continents we provide our clients various methods to systematically implement projects for international market research studies.

Knowing what your customers think

The classic brick-and-mortar retail and the branded product industry have been undergoing serious market changes for some time due to social developments. On one hand, established tools of market penetration still offer enormous optimisation potential, but on the other hand, the future is getting closer every day, with developments such as internationalisation, branch expansion and systematisation, and accords between brick-and-mortar retail, convenience and online retail, household advertising and social media, and issues of sustainability and credibility.

IWD assumes the partnership as a strategic insight and foresight agency for business and brands in international markets and is dedicated to the latest challenges with its innovative approaches and tools.