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With 2.5 mil POS surveys conducted so far by operating in 21 countries, IWD is currently taking a leading role in the area of smartphone-based customer surveys. The company’s board believed the opening of a London office was the logical strategy in order to further expand its market position and get to use the enormous potential of the British market.

On the one hand, the UK market offers attractive growth potential within the field of market research and, on the other hand, it gives the opportunity to intensify one’s activity with regards to national and international trade business. IWD market research Ltd, by creating new business and enhancing personnel expansion, will be able to coordinate and ensure a better customer service, more intense local sales and a more professional market strategy, together with a wider geographical structure. At present, our on-the-field organization includes 250 Face-to-Face interviewers that mostly cover metropolitan areas, but this is just not enough for us. We strongly believe there are still more areas to be covered. The reason for this is that a POS surveys specialist, such as IWD, requires a wider country coverage which does not only focuses on city centers, especially considering that both the German and the European retail industry are now calling for higher growth rates in the retail sector, a further internationalization and a strong systematization of business. In the words of Mr Markus Körner, managing director of IWD: „Availability of qualified staff and the right technology to be applied in both small and medium towns are highly relevant elements to our existing and target clients”. Our business in Great Britain as well as Germany, Italy and Austria is being strategically managed with the help of national sales activities.
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