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Mapping GIS-Data

Through of personal street inspections we gather highly relevant data in order to calculate advertising quantities precisely

On the basis of personal street inspections in the catchment area the IWD provides data such as location of competitors, house number segments, exact number of households, private and public usage of properties as well as advertising denying quota – important parameters for optimising location decisions, actions for advertising and GEO-marketing analysis.

Each promotion manager and GIS-authority knows the problem – household numbers on street level are only available as projected and highly vague data in the market. In order to conduct efficient marketing actions, such as flyer distribution or other print advertisings in the geographical catchment area of your POS store, you need a lot of information. You can get those partially from GEO information systems or information from your distributor and advertising agencies, but that data is not precise. Especially in Eastern and Southern European markets, which are highly important for growth, reliable household numbers are missing. The IWD gathers data precisely on-site, without any projection models, in 22 European countries.
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Precise data gathering on-site instead of projection models
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IWD GIS-Mapping offers you:

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